M600 Single use BLE PDF datal logger

Temperture ange from -20 to 60 ℃, 2 years shelf time
USB PDF + Bluetooth transimission, box open free to read report

Honeylink M600 Single use Bluetooth PDF USB temperature data logger is specially designed for temperature monitoring of cold chain transportation of medicines, food, chemicals and etc.  It integrates Bluetooth wireless transmission, USB port and PDF generating software on board. The data can be read with APP through Bluetooth and sent to IOT cloud, meanwhile, it can be read with USB connecting with computer to generate PDF report automatically.



  • ž  Log the temperature and generate PDF report along the entire cold chain transportation
  • ž  BLE Connection through APP, Package open free to get report at transit
  • ž  Cost-effective and reliable
  • ž  Download date from Honeylink H7 cloud on line
  • ž  Auto generating PDF report through USB, no additional software required
  • ž  Small, light and flat design
  • ž  IP67 waterproof and food compatible
  • ž  GDP and EN12830 compliant



data logger|cold chain monitoring|honeylink technology


Recording options

Single use

Temperature range

-20℃ to 70℃(-4℉ to 158℉)

Temperature accuracy

±0.5℃/ 0.9℉

Data storage capacity

14400 readings

Shelf life/ battery

1 year/ 3.0v lithium battery

Recording interval

10 minutes, customizable

Recording cycle

Up to 90 days

BLE broadcasting /distance

10 seconds interval / 20m at sight

Start mode


Stop mode

Manual / USB connection/ Date limit

Protection class

IP67 / NEMA 6


75 mm x 28 mm x 5 mm (L x W x H)


Approx. 10 g


Nvlap NIST traceable

Bluetooth connection

H7 app ( ios and android)

On-line tracing

H7 cloud (www.honenyling.com)